Let’s Play Hard (Episode 9)

Daniel met Theodore in the lab and sat beside him humming happily, "what was that for? Theo asked.

Let's Play Hard Episode 8

Daniel met Theodore in the lab and sat beside him humming happily, “what was that for? Theo asked.

“What? Daniel asked..

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know! What were you expecting me to do with Jennifer? Theo seriously asked.

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“Nothing just to say hi that’s all, Daniel replied quite scared.

“Enough of whatever you are trying to play, just stop it, Theo said.

“Can you stop this seriousness of yours, did you see how stunning and talented she is? She’s just your spec, Daniel said and Theo looked at him sternly.

“Sorry, Daniel said and swallowed.

“I want to concentrate, Theo said and he nodded leaving the lab slowly………………..

Lydia who left after Natasha outburst returned and met Natasha still in that mood.

“I brought some news for you, Lydia said.

“Then say it, Natasha said not looking at her..

“Jennifer Marks, 20 years old……… “I don’t bloody care! Natasha shouted.

“Ok she was once at the Bright age university studying Parasitology. She got expelled because her nude pictures and videos was linked out to the school which was against the school rules and not fit for a model like her, Lydia added that made Natasha turned and looked at her and burst out laughing.

“Seriously? Nude pictures and videos? Can I see them? Natasha asked.

“Ouch the videos and nude must have been deleted, Lydia replied..

“Why are you a computer engineer? Search the Internet the way you can and fetch it out for me. I’ll show her she can’t trample on Natasha and take her place. I need that quick, Natasha said and Lydia nodded.

“I’ll be back, Lydia said and left…………….

Jennifer got home and her room mates couldn’t help but blow her ears with all they heard from the students in school.

“What school magazine is coming up? Jenny asked.

“It normally comes twice a year, the next edition will be next month, Annabel replied.

“I thought this model stuff is always done yearly too, or is it any different at the Bridge university? Jenny asked.

“Nope but anyone who wants to contest to get the crown have to win Natasha which no one has succeeded. But with all indication you are going there, Treasure said.

“No I am not interested, Jenny said.

“Hey hey hey don’t say that. What’s that for? If you’re scared we promise to give you our full support, Annabel said.

“Please forget it, I am not interested trust me, Jenny replied.

“You must be joking, when the time comes you will have no choice because your pic is already trending on net baby girl, Treasure said.

“Good for you, Jenny said with a frown as she laid on her bed thinking.

“Theodore didn’t look like he has noticed me or didn’t he see me clearly? Oh no Jennifer why are thinking of such a thing! She said and heaved cleaning her face as she noticed her friends looking at her.

“Hey why the stares? Jenny asked.

“So tell us what are you whispering there? Treasure asked.

“Nah its nothing, Jenny said smiling at the way the girls looked at her.

“One thing is remaining you haven’t told us, didn’t of the guys approach you today? Annabel asked.

“Guys? Which guys? Jenny asked.

“Do you have one in mind already? Common a guy approached you because there were a lot crushing already on net, Annabel said.

“Please I wasn’t interested or maybe I didn’t notice too, Jenny replied and they nodded looking at her.

“You don’t believe me? Jenny asked.

“How can we do that? They asked back.

“Then suit yourself, Jenny said they fell on her playfully tickling her.

“Are you going to tell us the guy or we are going to squeeze it out from you? They asked and Jenny phone began to ring.

“Please wait its my mom, Jenny pleaded and ran out with her phone.

“Hello mom Good evening, she picked up.

“You’re breathing hard, what were you doing? Her mom asked.

“Exercise, she replied.

“Exercise? Fine, What’s going on in the school? Her mom asked.

“Mom nothing everything is cool, Jenny replied.

“Shut up! I was waiting for you to call and tell me what is going on there in school, for your information I am following every happening going on there. What’s this news about you being the next campus model? Her mom asked.

“Mom are you following me? I…….. “Shut up and answer my question! Its barely 1 week Jennifer, your videos is already out and pictures. Did you just use the money I sent for you for registration to buy some fashion clothes Jennifer? Her mom asked and she was silent.

“Now I know you are not ready to change and i won’t let you embarrass me the way you did before. Pick your things and come back home now! Her mom shouted.

“Mom please I didn’t do anything wrong, i just changed my wardrobe and…….. “To get guys flocking around you huh? Her mom asked.

“No please i won’t wear them anymore, Jenny pleaded.

“I said come back home! She shouted.

“Mom you got it wrong, the students were picking on me at first but everything is cool now. I am not interested for the model stuff whatever please believe me, the past won’t happen again I promise, Jenny pleaded.

“You better be sure about that and yes, did you use all your money? Her mom asked.

“Yes mom, she slowly replied.

“Impressive in just few days. Now you are going to eat those clothes and survive till whenever I am to send your next upkeep. Have a good day, Her mom said and dropped the call and Jennifer heaved sitting outside with a ruined mood……………………

That night Theo went through the net to see the beautiful pictures of Jennifer tagged “isn’t she stunning?”

He heaved as he saw the comments mostly by guys which he began having a feeling of jealousy.

“Beautiful outside but unspeakable in character, he blurred out dropping his phone and went to Bed………………….

Jennifer mom call made her moody the whole night as she slowly removed the clothes she bought from the wardrobe putting back the simple wears she came with.

“What exactly is going on with you? Can you just let us know please? Common talk to us, Treasure said seeing the way Jennifer dressed up for school.

” its nothing okay I am fine, jenny replied.

“Is there anything your mom said to you yesterday? I noticed your mood changed after her call, Annabel said.

“Look girls I’ll be late for lectures soon, bye, Jenny said and hurried off.

She arrived school and surprisedly the students character didn’t change towards her despite we wasn’t dressed stunning like yestersay.

“Hi Jennifer, still looking beautiful, Damian approached her.

“Thank you, Jenny replied and a leg of her shoe detached.

“Oh my God why now! She exclaimed and Damian quickly went down carrying the detached shoe, “its not too bad, I’ll get it fixed for you, he said.

“Do you have to bother? Jenny asked.

“Its nothing, but you have to manage it to class then I’ll get it from you to get it fixed, Damian replied.

“This is so embarrassing, jenny said and Damian held her as they walked together which Daniel and Theodore was watching them from the car when they arrived school.

“I don’t trust this Damian of a guy, must he approach every pretty girl in school? Gosh i can’t forget what he did to Natasha knowing she is….. … ….”Daniel its enough okay, let’s go, Theo said taking off his seat belt hurriedly.

Getting off the car Natacha stormed into school dressed stunning and Theodore rolled his eyes as she was approaching him.

“Bad boyfriend, not even a call to ask about my health, she said taking off her sunglasses.

“Last I checked you were not sick and also I am not your boyfriend, Theo replied.

“What will you be then, my girlfriend? She asked smiling.

“I see you don’t attend lectures in the morning neither do you have anything important to do, I’ll leave you to flaunt with your new dress okay, excuse me, Theo said and walked away with Daniel while she smiled looking at Lydia.

“What makes you think he can fall for Jennifer? Lydia asked.

“Well i want him to fall for her and I’ll make it possible, so when I will release the shock out, it will be severe, Natasha said laughing.

“But for now, i will relax and let them enjoy while i dig more shocking stories for them, Natasha continued.

“Maybe the school magazine can carry it, Lydia added.

“No no no, they won’t know who strike them that hard, they don’t need to know so it will make them more confused, stupid and hurt. Common let’s get out of here, Natasha said laughing…………….


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