Let’s Play Hard Episode 8

The next day Jennifer stormed into school a different person and called up Joy,

Let's Play Hard Episode 8

The next day Jennifer stormed into school a different person and called up Joy,

“Hello, its Jennifer speaking, she said..

“Hi are you in school now? Joy asked..

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“Yea I just got in, I hope I won’t miss my lecture again right? Jenny asked..

‘Nope, its the classroom of yesterday, I’ll preserve a seat for you, Joy said.

“Thanks darling, I’ll be there soon, Jenny said smiling and ended the call and noticed some students taking pictures of her.

“You guys are just unbelievable, she murmured and located her class.

“Oh my gosh! A guy exclaimed in class when Jennifer walked in inviting all the stares on her..

“Good morning darling, how was your rest? Jenny said pecking Joy.

“I can’t believe this, you’re looking so stunning today, Joy said.

“Seriously, well I just want to, Jenny said and smiled at the way the students was just staring..

“Good morning class, she waved at them.

“Welcome, they replied.

“Morning Jennifer you look so beautiful today, can I be your friend please? A girl replied coming to her.

“Because am beautiful today? Jenny asked..

“No I have always wanted to, she replied.

“Ok sure, Joy is it okay by you? Jenny asked.

“I have no problem with that, Joy replied.

“Let me start by apologizing if we had wronged you in anyway, the girl said.

“nah its forgotten, so what’s your name? Jenny asked.

“Gladys, she replied.

“Nice to meet you, come sit here, Jenny said adjusting for her while she happily ran back to pick her bag from where she previously sat.

Few minutes later the lecturer walked in, while lecturing he threw a question which the whole class was dead silence.

“All phones down! He shouted when he saw some students who wanted consulting google for the answers.

“I ask again, what are exoerythrocyte and erythrocytic phases in plasmodium? The lecturer sternly asked and Jennifer raised her hand up.

“Yes please help us, the man obliged to her.

“These are the asexual stages in an anopheles mosquito……… “That’s just what I wanted to hear, give her a clap, The lecturer said stopping Jennifer which the class clapped as she sat down..

“What’s your name young lady? The lecturer asked.

“Jennifer Marks sir, she replied.

“Beautiful name, keep it up and read more on that okay, he said and she nodded

“Keep it up, Joy said winking at her…………….

“Isn’t she stunning? Look at this, Joy said showing Jennifer her phone.

“What’s all this? I hope this isn’t trouble again? Jennifer asked seeing her pic on net.

“Hell No! We are actually admiring it and people are already suggesting your pic should be used in our next edition of the school magazine. Awnnn girl you’re already famous, Joy said hitting her.

“I am not interested, after all am not the school model, Jenny said.

“And so what? It isn’t hard to vote for another anyway, Joy replied.

“Not when everyone hates me, Joy replied.

“Everyone you say? What about us? Do we hate you also? Gladys asked.

“Oh please I am feeling hungry here, can we go to the cafeteria now if only there will be no drama, Jenny said taking her bag.

“Bills on? Joy asked and Jennifer laughed.

“Naughty girl, common let’s go, Jennifer said and they left together.

Reaching the cafeteria the students kept staring either they are talking about her sneakers, her hair or how she beautiful she is.

“So what do you care for? Jennifer asked as they sat down and a young girl approached them.

“Sorry Jennifer, can I have a photo of you please? She asked.

“Sorry is this how you all walk about embarrassing people? I am no celebrity, Jenny replied.

“Sorry if you feel bad, its just that you’re beautiful and I’ll love to have your photo, The girl replied and Jenny sighed.

“Its okay, we can join in the photo right? Joy asked.

“Yea sure, The girl replied.

“OK Jenny give me a smile, Joy said tickling her and she laughed.

“Oh stop it fine. Just a shot, Jenny accepted.

“Thank you, the girl said and they took picture together.

“If you don’t mind can I be your friend? She asked.

“You want to? Fine its better than being enemies, Jenny replied.

“Thank you, I’m Franca, she said giving her hand for a shake.

“Jennifer, and she is Joy and Gladys, Jenny replied introducing them.

“Wow just a minute I’ll be here shortly, Franca said and Rushed to get her bag and snacks from where she sat.

“Are you thinking what am thinking, someone is getting followers already fit to be a model, Joy said when Franca left.

“Gosh its already suffocating me, Jenny replied.

“Soon no one will remember the Instagram rubbish that was going on, it will be Jennifer Marks, the queen of the Bridge institution, Joy said and Jennifer mood changed as she remembered all that went wrong when she was about to be crowned the queen in her previous school.

“Did we say anything bad? We are sorry, Gladys noticed and Franca arrived.

“You haven’t ordered anything yet or should I do that for you? Franca asked.

“Yea sure, what do you care for girls? Jenny asked pushing the feelings away……….

Daniel dragged Theodore to the cafeteria to join him eat, unknown to them Jennifer was there and the atmosphere there was quite different.

“So Jennifer can you sing? A student there asked.

“Yea just like your namesake Jennifer Lopez, I love her songs so much, another student said.

“I love Jennifer Lopez songs too maybe because we bear the same name, Jenny replied smiling.

“So what are we waiting for then, I am prepared, a guy shouted holding a guitar.

“Yea let’s hear you sing, the students shouted.

“Wait a minute, you can’t be serious, Jenny said surprised.

“Yes we are of course, what are you thinking? Joy asked with a frown..

“Jenny please sing for us, Franca added.

“Don’t worry I got you covered with my guitar, I am the best in it trust me, the guy said coming closer to her and Jenny coughed.

“OK fine let’s do it, it’ll be a short song, Jenny said and balanced herself ready to sing.

“Whats the title please? The guy asked.

“Let’s try love don’t cost a thing, jenny replied.

“Awnnn, sweet song, the students said and she smiled breathing in as Joy was already set to make a video of her.

She used 3 minutes and sang the bridge and chorus of the track as the guy neatly played to it with the guitar.

“Beautiful! The student applauded when she was done which Daniel left Theo and went to her.

“Hi remember me? Daniel asked.

“Sorry no, she replied.

“The guy you snubbed while jogging some days ago, he replied.

‘Oh I remember you, sorry for that, she replied.

“Its nothing, I’m Daniel maybe you won’t snub me again, Daniel said giving his hand for a shake.

“Sure if you’ll sit up with your jogging, it was very poor i must say, she replied.

“I am ready to do that. Beautiful voice, Daniel remarked.

“Thank you. And that was a nice play there, She said referring to the guy who played for her.

“Thank you. I’m Damian and always available to play for you whenever you want me to, he said shaking her.

“That will be lovely, Jennifer replied smiling while Joy rolled her eyes winking at Gladys.

“Hey why are you just standing there? Daniel purposely asked Theodore and their eyes met.

“Meet me in the laboratory, Theo replied to Daniel and left……….

“You won’t believe this today, the whole school is talking about Jennifer being the next campus model, Lydia rushed in to spill the news.

“You’re late. I know about it already, the post is just on everywhere. Don’t tell me she ruined my face to take my place huh? Natasha angrily asked.

“That can’t be, she can never take your place, Lydia replied.

“Bloody lie! Do you know the number of students gathered in the cafe laughing with her? Such has never happened to me, How did she win their heart that soon! Natasha screamed smashing her phone breathing hard…………………..


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