Let’s Play Hard (Episode 7)

Let's Play Hard Episode 8

Jennifer went in and sat down looking at them with no impression on her face

“we have made our decision Jennifer and I hope this won’t repeat itself again in this school. There should be no complain about you from any student, and please Natasha and Theodore, try your best to stay very far from her. You both are in your finals and she’s just a fresher, give yourself that respect okay, The man said and they nodded.

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“And again Jennifer, you wounded Natasha and ruined her clothes which you have to pay for the damages, the man continued.

“No way I don’t need her filthy money, my daughter has enough money and dresses to give out and I will treat her wounds. Just stay clear from my daughter else I’ll deal with you, Natasha mom came in.

“OK I think that will be all for now, you can all go, The man said.

“Thank you sir, Jennifer said and was about to get up.

“So won’t I get an apology from her for what she did? Natasha asked.

“Just what I was thinking, a man said supporting her.

“Jennifer what do you have to say? The school authority asked.

“I am sorry but please stay very far from me and I hope the students will be called to order also to avoid such issues again, Jennifer replied.

“The information will be given out, and also if there’s anything I need to know don’t hesitate to let me know, the man said.

“Thats a relief sir, thanks again, Jennifer said and left immediately.

Natasha went out with Theodore as the meeting continued inside with the rest, “she’s so unimaginable, Natasha said to Theo.

“So you still go about telling people I am your boyfriend? Theo asked.

“Common Theo please don’t start, she replied.

“Don’t start what when you’re the originator of everything. We are done Natasha stop the fake claiming, I am not your boyfriend! Theo shouted and walked away while she ran after him.

“I don’t believe that, I am the only girl you can love in this school and no girl can stand my class here. Didn’t you say you go for class? She said to him.

“Obviously it cant be your type of class, just leave me alone, Theo said.

“Theo stop this, how long will I apologize for what I did when we got admission together. I’ve tried to be my best just for you and this insult I received today is all because if you yet you are treating me this way, I don’t see that fair at all to me, please Theodore, Natasha said holding him but he looked at her.

“You just don’t get it don’t you? I don’t love you and there’s nothing you and I can do about it, He said and left.

“Not too quick Theo, when I’ll have you you’ll be shocked yourself, she said in her heart with a smirk……………..

Jennifer got home and laid on the bed weakly as she thought about all that happened today, “you are nothing, read my lips you are nothing…. I go for girls with class” Theodore words kept ringing in her head.

She got up looking at herself on the mirror side by side and sighed.

Her hair has always been in a simple pony style and she let go of the band tying it letting her hair pour on her shoulders.

“You need to show the real you Jennifer, enough of this insult and show them you were a queen, she said to herself and brought out her makeup bag shaping her eyebrows and applied a little makeup.

When she was done she looked at her wardrobe throwing down the clothes that were on it, changed up and left the room.

Annabel and Treasure got back home and saw Jenny clothes on the floor, “who did this? Annabel asked picking the clothes on the floor while Treasure dialed her number.

“She is not picking up, Treasure said after many rings.

“I think she did this out of anger considering what happened today, poor girl, Annabel sadly said.

“But I don’t understand why everyone is just attacking her, its not funny anymore but am glad the authority has warned the student to let her be, Treasure replied joining Annabel to pick the clothes up.

Minutes later the door opened and Jennifer walked in which the ladies just stared with their mouth open, “who am I seeing? Treasure asked getting up.

“Hello ladies, how do I look? Jennifer asked turning around and Annabel screamed hugging her.

“Oh my God Jenny you will kill some people in school. Is this what you’ve been hiding all this while? Treasure asked..

“Well I wanted to be calm but I was not appreciated, so? Jenny asked smiling.

“I can’t wait to see Natasha reaction when she sees you, here is our new model and fashionista! Annabel shouted.

“Oh is she the school model? Jenny asked.

“Yes of course, They replied.

“Now I see, sorry for the mess I did in the room, I needed to change my wardrobe, Jennifer said dropping the bags she came with.

“I can’t wait to see what’s in there, they happily said sitting on the bed while Jennifer brought out what she bought……………………..

“How did it go? Daniel asked.

“Not bad but I heard something about this Jennifer of a girl which is strange to me, Theo replied.

“And what could that be? Daniel asked.

“She was in her finals but was expelled before she came here, that’s very strange, Theo replied.

“Expelled in her finals? Oh my God that’s the highest realm of wickedness! Daniel shouted.

“Daniel please i am having headache already, don’t add to it with your noise, Theo said.

“But i feel so sad for her, Daniel said and Theo scoffed.

“Whatever, I was warned to stay very far from her and that I will do, I won’t waste my time to know what happened in her previous school because if you’ll ask me she deserve all of it, Theo replied.

“Theodore! No matter what happens don’t be this hardened, this is not you bro, Daniel said.

“Oh please just let me be, Theodore said getting ready to gym.

“Theodore look……. “Daniel its enough please, thank you, Theo interrupted him and put on his headphones…………………….

“You should have let me deal with that girl, look at what she has done to you, Lydia said.

“We can’t do anything now but there at better and silent ways to cut her feathers, Natasha replied.

“Which is? Lydia asked.

“I want you to find out every details about Jennifer Mark and why she was rusticated. Nothing will hurt her more than that because i saw the look on her face when the authority mentioned that. i will use that to get my revenge on her, Natasha said smiling.

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