Let’s Play Hard (Episode 6)

"Enough! Does that give you the right to disrespect him that way and beat Natasha up the way you did? Were you not trained in your former school?...


Let’s Play Hard (Episode 6)

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Jennifer was just about opening her door when her phone began to ring with a strange number calling, "hello, she picked up inserting the key in her door. 

"Jennifer Mark on phone right? A male voice came on phone. 

"Yes, she replied. 

"I'm calling from the school, I need to see you right now in my office, the voice said. 

"Sorry who is speaking? Jenny asked. 

"The school authority, don't keep me waiting, The man said and dropped the call while Jennie heaved and locked the door back. 

She hurried back to school and located the administrative office. 

"Sorry I'm here…… "Jennifer Marks right? The secretary asked interrupting her. 

"Sure yes, Jennie replied. 

"Go in, she said and she went in to see Natasha, Theodore and some people she has no idea about. 

"Good morning all, she greeted holding the handle of the door. 

"Can you give me one good reason why you kept us waiting for you Jennifer? A man asked which she recognised his voice as the one who called her.

"Sorry sir I went home already, I had to come back immediately I got the call, she replied. 

"You went home already too quick because you know what you did right? The man asked.

"I'm still yet to know what I did, and am sorry if I arrived late, Jenny replied. 

'Sit down, the man said pointing at an empty seat just beside Theodore which she sat down without looking at him. 

"I hope you know why you're here right? The man asked. 

"I wish I do but actually I was planning of coming here myself, Jenny replied. 

"You wanted coming here? For what actually? The man asked keeping his pen looking at her. 

"The uncalled behavior in the school, it was getting too much which i wanted letting you know about it, Jenny replied. 

"Shut that trap of yours there! You can't be molesting students and act innocently, a woman said angrily. 

"Molesting students? Like seriously? Jenny asked back. 

"Enough! Jennifer what happened today? This is the second video of you and Theodore in just your 3 days in school. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? The man asked. 

"Ashamed of myself? I see no reason for that sir. Last I checked, he is always the one pissing me off, Jenny replied. 

"Theodore is that true? The man asked. 

"Honestly sir I don't know what to say, how did I piss you off? He asked.

"You're asking me that huh? She asked facing him..

"OK here it is, on my first day in school after I was done with lectures, I was fiddling my phone to call my mom when he bashed on me disfiguring my phone. I couldn't get a sorry or a calming word from him but only irritating words and some miserable notes I tore on his face. Now today I was just at the cafe when he came all by himself and called me names like am nothing, a$$hole, b!tch and the list continues. So I showed him how a bitch should behave, is that my fault? Jennifer asked them. 

"Theodore is this true? The man asked. 

"Sir you don't need to believe the trash she just said, it holds no fact at all, Natasha came in.. 

"Oh is it? Fine, did you hit my phone or not? She asked facing Theo.

"I did, he replied. 

"Good, didn't you approach me in the cafe to call me names? Jenny asked. 

"You called for it when you acted rudely commanding me to get out of your sight! Theo shouted. 

"And you caused it when you left me stranded this morning looking for a classroom when you know I was running late. You said you didn't know me just when I needed your help, now why won't I ask you to get out of my sight? You are Barbaric! Jenny shouted. 

"Enough! Does that give you the right to disrespect him that way and beat Natasha up the way you did? Were you not trained in your former school? With this attitude of yours here in just few days, I now understand why you were expelled in your finals. Here you are shamelessly behaving like a kid with no remorse, what kind of a girl are you! The man shouted. 

"With due respect sir, you have no idea why I was expelled and i see no reason why you should bring it up here. I wasn't acting childishly but unfortunately your students are all insane. The video that was posted between I and this dude made all the students hate me without cause, were you expecting me to keep calm? 

This morning I asked for direction to locate a classroom only to be purposely directed wrongly so I can miss the class. This dude met me and after knowing my problem he walked out of me leaving me stranded, and yes I had to approach the guy when I saw him seated in the same class receiving lecture while I was outside. How is that fair?

Now about Natasha or whatever she is called, I don't know her from anywhere. But just yesterday she and her gang approached me hitting the ice cream I held just to warn me to stay clear from her boyfriend. And when she heard what happened to her boyfriend today, she held my hair first which I retaliated and it led to the fight. 

If you should ask me, your school isn't organized and it sucks, Jennifer seriously said with tears piled up in her eyes as the room was silent to the core and Theodore father coughed.  

"Is there anything you two want to say? He asked referring to Natasha and Theodore. 

"She's lying, why should i approach her? Natasha asked. 

"Why won't you? when its you that started this whole mess because you posted the video on Instagram, or didn't you? Jennifer asked immediately.

"I wasn't talking to you, Natasha shouted. 

"Oh shut up, Jennifer shouted back. 

"Jennifer, please can you excuse us? The man said. 

"With all pleasure sir, she replied and left immediately.

"Did you just see that? That girl is just a spoilt brat and a bunch of trouble to this institution. I think she should be laid off too, A woman spoke up. 

"Expel? We don't know who is saying the truth here yet and that will be too quick to carry out such a decision, Theo father came in.

"Excuse me, do you realize it is my daughter that was beaten up this way? The woman asked. 

"And my son was equally embarrassed and posted on Instagram by your daughter, did I kill anybody? By the way don't Natasha have a gang? It is very possible what the young girl said is true, Theo father said.

"Why are you covering up for this girl? You're beginning to sound like a betrayer. Remember my daughter is in this mess because of your son,the woman said. 

"Oh really? I am standing on nobody side here ma'am, in case you've forgotten my loving son is here and he's part of this case too which I am sure he didn't begged your daughter to be part of it, Theo father replied. 

"Please its okay, I've heard the both of you and have made my decision. We have to give Jennifer another chance again in this institution but If she messes up again, we will have to let her go. She can't afford to hurt anybody again, The administrator came in..

"Oh i see, so what should be done to my daughter? The woman asked and the man heaved and made a call. 

"Let her in, he said and dropped the call. 

Jennifer who went outside tried not to cry but she couldn't help but get scared wondering what their decision will be. 

She feared for her mom who will be so disappointed she'll be dropped again in the second university. 

She thought about all of that with her eyes closed and she heard her name, "Jennifer you can go in, the secretary said and she nodded trying to put herself together…


Next Episode dropping soon… Stay Tuned!!

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