10 Tips To Study Late At Night Without Sleeping

Why should I study at night is the question I do ask myself in school. I never knew that studying at night have so many advantage which I did not notice.

Why should I study at night is the question I do ask myself in school days. I never knew that studying at night have so many advantage which I did not notice.

Why should I study at night is the question I do ask myself in school days. I never knew that studying at night have so many advantage which I did not notice.

When I tried studying at night, I will immediately remember my phone any some other distracting-agent. Even if I force myself to my reading table within 10 to 20 Minutes I will doze-off.

Why? because I do not know how to Study Late at Night without Sleeping.

But when I wrote JAMB and entered University, I noticed the 10 workable Tips to Study Late at Night without Sleeping.

10 Tips to Study Late at Night without Sleeping

  1. Learn by writing
  2. Sleep for some hour before your reading time
  3. Eat soft food
  4. Take bath at night before 10pm
  5. Clean your study environment and study table first
  6. Do not read on bed
  7. Take break
  8. Do not study boring subject
  9. Get enough exercise
  10. Ask your self questions Ask your self questions

Those tips that I mentioned may not be understandable by you but I will quickly explain it one after another so that you can easily understand my points, but I have one good tips that work more than paracetamol that I will mention before the end of this article I urge you to read line by line, let go.

1. Learn by writing

I call this my (Number one key) why because it work for me very well, writing will studying is a very great idea that you can develop by your self, Learn by writing so that your brain can remain active, because it make you to visualize  and recall the things you have learned,  the book that you are using is what we call cues , because it help you to remember what you forgot that you can’t easily found in the textbook that you are using to study, learning by writing will really help you to study at night without sleeping.

2. Sleep for some hour before your reading time

Some students usually go straight to their reading table without sleeping before, did you know that if you sleep some hour before your reading time will be of great help to you, if you do not sleep at all from morning till night and you start ready sure you may not feel comfortable at all.

3. Eat soft food

The food you eat also make you fell asleep will reading at night, all you need to do is stop eating much carbohydrate like Garri, Fufu at night rather eat food that is light like fruit it will help you a lot not to sleep at night.

4. Take bath at night before 10pm

When you have work and became tired during the day as you come back home just take bath so it will cool your body and make you to be less stressful, that will make you to be able to study comfortable.

Medically, it is very advisable to take bath at least two times in a day which ranges between morning and night.

A good night bath enhances the body, helps in body metabolism as well as a proper mode of helping brain and memory .

As a student who works during day time, night bath will serve as a way of washing those sweats and heat which emanate during the day’s work.

A night bath is surely a trusted tip which helps to study at night for a long period before feeling fatigue and sleepy.

5. Clean your study environment and study table first.

A good environment helps with the motivate to study. A tidy environment will surely assist you in desiring to study  whenever you wish to.

I could imaging when I was in a boarding school. living alone and doing things the way I want. In my ss1 I don’t mind how my room looks like, how scanty it was nor how untidy it was. This bad and dangerous habit continues until I saw my first term result. It was hmmm do you want to hear how it was?

I know you want to hear but I will tell you later.
Always make your room clean, tidy, neat and conducive for reading.

6. Do not read on bed

I know it is very exciting and amazing reading on bed. But before I say things concerning ready on bed, I would like to ask you few questions.
Have you been studying on bed?
Do you enjoy reading on bed?
I know you would say yes, but the real truth is that reading on bed has no real benefit. One who reads on bed is likely not to remember anything that he or she claim to have read. I therefore advice you to always read in a good environment, in a clean surrounding  and with a comfortable chair and table.

7. Take break

The human brain may be a super computer which means it can store lot of information in the memory and our memory and perception can be trusted, but that doesn’t mean that your brain is a machine that doesn’t get tired.
The brain gets tired as well the body and you need to be conscious of this two things. Which are;

I. When your body is tired
II. When your brain is tired.

If these two important aspect of you gets tired and you continue to stress yourself then you are constituting a very dangerous disease which could be very harmful to health thereby causing mental disorder or malfunctionality of the body.
Therefore, always take break after few hours of reading. Always engage yourself in recreational activities; recreational activities are those sporting activities which a person performs during free time or leisure hour.

8. Do not study boring subject

There is no how you will like all the teachers in your school. Statistic has shown that an individual who doesn’t like a particular lecturer may end up not liking the course being taken by the lecturer.

How do I avert this?
When you don’t read a course because you do not like the teacher then you are bound to fail that course.

The first step is;
I. Look for an easier course that’s understandable.

II. Study the course you will easily understand.

III. Read a very simple topic from the subject/course.

IV. Evaluate what you have read and if you are able to answer the questions you have asked yourself then you are good.

V. Now read those subjects or courses which you always find difficult.

I sincerely believe these steps will help you to avoid sleep while you study.

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9. Get enough exercise.
Exercise is as good as reading well. Health practitioners has made us to understand that a good health is wealth and nothing can be exchanged with health.
Your health matters as a student. To keep fit, you need to indulge yourself in various recreational activities such as swimming, running, jogging, volleying, cycling and other enjoyable activities.

This exercise which some people see as a waste of time helps in metabolism and also helps the memory and brain to function properly.

10. Ask your self questions.

After reading, always ask yourself questions such as;
Have I read?
Do i understand what I have read?
If yes then be happy because you have really read. If no then you need to make sure you go through the texts again and again, those process will really make you not to sleep at night, because it will make you to be busy will studying at night.

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URL ;  NGLearners.com.

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